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Friday, April 22, 2011

In-Flight & In Print

The Buzz Around Town/Spilling the Beans was featured recently in an in-flight magazine. Pretty sure you don't get much higher up the ladder than that, right?

Horrible puns aside, I'm not sure what they did to my photo, but it looks like I have impressively big hair. Here's the link to the article: GO! AirTran's in-flight magazine, "Emerald City Buzz."

An expanded version of this article (actually written by me) was found in the Voracious Top 5 columns, a couple months ago: Seattle's Top Five Bars for Coffee Cocktails

And two of those picks (Liberty and The Diller Room) made it into the print edition of The Weekly's dining guide. It's been a good start to 2011 for The Buzz! Busy as anything, but good. No more coffee cocktails for a while, though.

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???? said...

I liked coffee when it was beans.

So hipster. So snarky.